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This is where you will find all the latest news about Norbeary Fabrics and some news about Barbara-Ann Bears too. Please keep checking back to see what's happening, it could be exciting new fabrics, special offers, new fair dates, website updates or anything really.

16 June 2009

We have added a few extra pieces to the hand dyed page 2 and some lovely new pieces to the special offers page, some of these we have several metres of while others are just one off pieces. We'll be taking it all plus some extra bits to the show in Lostwithiel this coming Sunday. Mary and Richard always organise a great day so if you're in the neighbourhood or fancy a few days away in sunny Cornwall we'd love to see you there.

1 June 2009

There is a lot of new hand dyed mohair on the two hand dyed mohair pages, here are the links to page 1 and page 2 . We have also just received some new German mohair which is extremely good value on our Special Offers Page, there's also some new South African mohair there which we are expecting to receive in the next day or two. We have three fairs in June but we are only taking our full range of mohair to Lostwithiel, there isn't enough room at the other two fairs in Stratford upon Avon and the New Forest to take our mohair unfortunately, however if you'd like to order and collect some mohair just let us know.

1 April 2009

If you're coming to Brentwood on Sunday we now have free entry vouchers to download and print off here

30th March

There are some new patterns on our patterns pagethree of them are nice big bears, so if you like the bigger bear please have a look. We have some more mohair to add to the website so please keep checking for updates, or join our mailing list to hear all the latest news.

19th March

We have just come back from Germany with lots more vintage mohair and some new faux fur. There's a lot of new hand dyed mohair too.

19th January 2009

We have just updated the fair dates page, so you can see if we're coming to a town near you, come and see us and support your local bear fair!

12th January 2009

Happy New Year! We start our January sale today and there's 10% off everything, this will go on until the end of the month so please call us and stock up now.

18 November 2008

We have just added some new teddy bear kits and patterns to the website, we introduced these at the Crafts for Christmas show in Birmingham and they proved quite popular, we hope you like them too. We're off to the British Bear Fair this Sunday, it would be great if you could come along, we'll have lots of mohair, bears, patterns and kits.

31 October 2008

We're back from Germany now and there is alot more old mohair on our genuine vintage mohair page , we've tried to concentrate on paler colours as these have proved the most popular. We also have a new design on our pattern page, a sweet bear called Bertie.

13 October 2008

We have just added two more of our own patterns to our patterns page plus a pattern designed by our friend and award winning bear artist Elanor Andrews which is quite different from our own bears so well worth a look.

2 October 2008

Phillipa has just sent us the funeral arrangements for Ralph
bamford chapel service: 10.45
crematorium: 11.50 (20 mins)
return to bamford chapel for light buffet 12.30
You can see details of Bamford Chapel here

1 October 2008

We sadly report that Ralph Norbury passed away on Friday 26th September, he had suffered a brain haemorrhage on Monday and never recovered, our thoughts are with Gloria and their two daughters. We'll miss all of Ralph's help and his dry sense of humour, we've known him for almost 20 years and it will be odd not to have him around. Phillipa his daughter has asked for donations for Ralph and Gloria's chosen charity, Christie Hospital which is the cancer specialist hospital which treated Gloria earlier on in the year. Donations can be made to the funeral directors,
Donations, C/o Cottage Funeral Service, 65, Adelaide St,Heywood, OL10 4HF.
Ralph's funeral will be held on Monday 6th October. If you would like to send a card to Gloria please phone us for her address, we've taken it off the website for security reasons.

22 September 2008

We have just put some new patterns on the website, these are old fashioned bears that we have designed ourselves, we hope you like them.

22 September 2008

We have photographed all the new hand dyed mohair (we had to wait for the sun to shine to bring out the colours) and you can see these on our hand dyed mohair pages, please remember to look at page 2.

13 September 2008

This is going to be a very busy month as it's time for Teddies 2008 in Kensington, we have lots of new hand dyed mohair ready as well as making up some new patterns, so come along and see us.

3rd Aug 2008

We've just updated our special offers page with lots of new mohair, these range from 3mm up to 25mm in lots of interesting shades and textures, plus some quite boring ones for you to enjoy.

4th May 2008

The organisers at the show in Biggleswade tomorrow phoned us to suggest we didn't attend as there would not be many bear stands there, so we won't be going, we'll stay here and make bears instead.

3rd May 2008

We had a good fair in Germany last weekend and we have returned with new/old vintage mohair, specials and hand dyed mohair. Please have a look.

28th Mar 2008

We have just published our new stock of vintage mohair and some lovely boot button eyes, we also have some specials to add to the website next week, when we get back from Pudsey. Of course we'll have all this with us at Pudsey so why not come and see us there, the fair's on tomorrow from 10.30 to 4.00.

29th Feb 2008

We have finally got our internet connection up and running, although it is rather slow you can email us again and we look forward to hearing from you. Our new telephone number is 01303 870087, which you will find on every webpage (hopefully), please let us know if it's missing anywhere.

29th Jan 2008

We have just updated the Fair Dates page, the first one is at Kelham Hall on 17th February.

29th Jan 2008

Happy New Year! We're on the move, on 1st February we'll be in our new home, we'll update all the contact details once we have our internet connection up and running, which could take up to 2 weeks.

10th Nov 2007

We have just added a selection of mohair, viscose and art silk/mohair mixtures to the special offer section of our website, some of it is really plush and exciting while other pieces are extremely good value and of very good quality.

9th Nov 2007

We have just added a lot of genuine vintage German mohair to the Genuine Vintage Mohair page. This mohair dates from the late 19th and early 20th century.

7th Nov 2007

A new selection of hand dyed mohair has now been added to the website, some 1/8, 1/4 and 1/2 metre pieces. As some makes of larger bears have commented that we never have any half metre pieces we're no longer going to cut the half metre pieces, we'd really like to see some big bears in had dyed mohair too.

7th Nov 2007

We've been photographing a new selection of hand dyed mohair and this will appear on the website in the next couple of days. We will also be adding the genuine vintage mohair we recently found in Germany, we have made a couple of bears from this mohair which you can see on the genuine vintage mohair page.

9th Oct 2007

We've just been given two tables at the Rochester Teddy Bear show this Sunday, 14th October, our local show in Kent, we'll be bringing bears, kits and mohair. We're in Pudsey the day before and it would be great to see you at either show.

20th Sept 2007

We're off to fair in Wrexham and The Motorcycle Museum by the NEC at the weekend, we'll have plenty of mohair and other bear making supplies, if you live nearby why not come along and see and feel the mohair with your own hands, and eyes.

13th Sept 2007

We have just added all our hand dyed mohair to the website, you can see it by clicking here . There's lots of beautiful multicoloured and single coloured mohair in a rainbow of different shades.

4th Sept 2007

We have just updated our fairs page as we have added some new dates and clarified some of the information. We will be adding some new materials to the website in the next few days so stand by for more information.

31st July 2007

We've nearly completed all the mohair pages now, all the mohairs are there, we just need to improve the images on some of them. We have received a new delivery of alcantara and we will have this online soon, together with some new mohair from Germany.

26th July 2007

We have just added all the mohairs beginning with 'S' to the website, so it won't be long before it's all on there.

25th July 2007

Still working on completing the website, we've had a lot more stock in from Germany in readiness for the fairs at Exbury and Kensington, we're also due some more paw material soon stand by for more details. We're sorry to report that Loaf one of the Norton's mohair has now run out.

14th July 2007

Well, finally it is up and running, just one or two technical hitches along the way. There is a still a lot more to add, nearly all the mohair has it's own page and we should have these on the website next week together with the final few mohair photos. The hand dyed mohair is a pleasant problem in that it is almost all sold at the bear fairs as soon as it's created and this doesn't allow much time to get it photographed and put on the website. We have our early 20th century, German, mohair as well as some 1930s/1950s art silk to add to the genuine vintage pages too. Then there's the patterns, kits and components, all in all a fair bit of work to do. Please keep checking back here for progress reports.

17th May 2007


The website is taking shape and it should be up and running soon. It's going to take a few weeks to complete it, so please call or email us if you would like to know more about something that isn't there yet.



We try to cut all our mohair into 'fat' pieces not strips, these are the approximate sizes.
1 metre piece = 100cm x140 cm
1/2 metre piece = 50cm x140 cm
1/4 metre piece = 50cm x70 cm
1/8 metre piece = 50cm x35 cm

* special delivery postage and packing costs with insurance where necessary within UK, we will advse the cost of sending mohair to other countries on an individual basis for each order
up to 1/2m £8.45 - 1m £11.00 - 2m £11.00 - 5m and above £23.00
We can use My Hermes within the UK which is less expensive but slower

All prices are displayed in British Pounds if you would like to find out the approximate equivalent price in your own currency please use the link on the left.

You can contact us in a variety of ways to place an order, phoning is usually best, or you can email or write to us, of course if you see us at a fair or at home you can talk to us in person.
This is the current time in England

We can accept payments by Debit card and Credit Card over the phone or in person, or by PayPal for Overseas Customers





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