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Mohair from Norbeary Fabrics

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We have split up the mohair into different categories depending on it's uses, some mohairs will fall into more than one category as they can be used for many types of bears. This is just to help organise the website, don't feel that we're telling you the type of bear you should make from a particular mohair, they're just suggestions. Please use the links on the left or below to go to a particular category.


Vintage Style

In this category you will find mohair that is particularly suited to distressing and aging to make an old style teddy bear.

Genuine Vintage (new)

We recently obtained some genuine old fabrics in Germany, some very early 20th Century short mohair that had been intended for use as antimacassars, tablecloths etc.. We also have a few pieces of 1930s-1950s art silk in lovely pastel colours.


This is the type of mohair you might use to make a proper old fashioned, traditional teddy bear, it's not all gold but there's quite a variety of colours and textures, including quite a few pieces of English mohair from the now closed Nortons factory.


This category includes a wide variety of mohairs, from short pretty colours to very long and fluffy pieces. It's all linked by the sense that you could make something exciting and contemporary from it. In the future we intend to include some top quality plush and faux fur in this category.


As you might expect this includes all the pieces of long fluffy mohair, in addition to this it includes some shorter mohairs that could be used to make fluffy little bears.


All the pretty and colourful mohair is here, reds, blues, greens, yellows, pinks etc.. Plus some pretty tipped mohair. This is also where you will find our fruit salad collection.

Hand Dyed (new)

I've been dyeing mohair for my own bears and for sale for several years, I try to have a great variety of colours and textures available and if you don't see the exact piece you want I'm happy to dye it for you.

Dye it Yourself

We have several types of white and off white mohair that you can use to dye yourself, together with dyes, instructions and some paw pad material to dye too.

Special Offers

This is the place to find our special offers, we'll try to have at least one new item on special offer each month, so it's worthwhile checking on this section regularly.

Faux Fur

We have some new faux fur, all of it with woven backing (not knitted). It's suitable for either making bears or other animals.


We try to cut all our mohair into 'fat' pieces not strips, these are the approximate sizes.
1 metre piece = 100cm x140 cm
1/2 metre piece = 50cm x140 cm
1/4 metre piece = 50cm x70 cm
1/8 metre piece = 50cm x35 cm

* special delivery postage and packing costs with insurance where necessary within UK, we will advse the cost of sending mohair to other countries on an individual basis for each order
up to 1/2m £8.45 - 1m £11.00 - 2m £11.00 - 5m and above £23.00
We can use My Hermes within the UK which is less expensive but slower

All prices are displayed in British Pounds if you would like to find out the approximate equivalent price in your own currency please use the link on the left.

You can contact us in a variety of ways to place an order, phoning is usually best, or you can email or write to us, of course if you see us at a fair or at home you can talk to us in person.
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We can accept payments by Debit card and Credit Card over the phone or in person, or by PayPal





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