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Genuine Vintage German Mohair Collection

Genuine Vintage German Mohair

This is a selection of the vintage German mohair we have available at the moment, we understand that the mohair dates from between 1879 and 1920 (one piece was embroidered with the date 1879) and was intended for use primarily in upholstery. Some of it is in very good condition and other pieces are worn, some pieces are embroidered or patterned, we found it reasonably easy to work with although some of the weaker pieces will need backing to prevent them splitting.

We have given the individual pieces names to make them easier to order and identify, we'd prefer not to cut up the embroidered pieces, but we understand that some pieces are fairly large so we are happy to cut up some of the other pieces, especially if you'd like more variety or you make miniatures.

Barbara-Ann Bears made from genuine vintage German mohair
Here are two bears that we made from this vintage mohair, Old Bert and Daniel.
You can see how the worn parts can be incorporated into the design, Old Bert certainly seems to have been through the wars.

Genuine Vintage German Mohair
Also old boot button eyes, click here to see them (opens in a new window).

We have had several enquiries about the backing of the vintage mohair, it is generally very strong and workable, even on miniature bears, some of the more worn pieces are weaker in places where the backing has nearly worn through, but if you're making old fashioned, worn out teddies this can be used to your advantage.
Here's a photo of the backing on a typical piece.

German Vintage Mohair

Stockupdated 20th April 2016- Please click on the photos to see the bigger picture

We haven't seen any vintage mohair in Germany for the last two years so we believe this will be the last vintage mohair we will have available

Only two pieces left

<empty>vintage mohair for teddy bears

71 max x 36 max cm
£40 GBP

vintage mohair for teddy bears

Rose Kennedy
58 x 50 cm not including the bald part
£50 GBP

Bournville by Kay

Kay's Bear
Kumakich by Kay

This is Bournville by Kay, nice and chocolaty

This is Jasper, made by Kay
from the old German mohair

This is Kumakichi by Kay, we really like him

Fred Bear by Cordelia Bears
Fred Bear by Cordelia Bears
Fred Bear by Cordelia Bears

This is a lovely little bear, her name is Fred Bear by Lynn Cordell


Lynne Farmer's Bear

Bear by Lynne Farmer

Clara by Janice Woodard- Booh Bears

This is Clara, made by Janice Woodard of Booh Bears.
She looks like a grand old lady. You can see more of Janice's lovely bears by clicking here

These two lovely, scruffy bears were made by
Lynne Farmer of Jack and Lilia

Laura Brady's Bunny in vintage mohair Laura Brady's Bunny in vintage mohair

Pumpkin by Michele at Seraphim's Attic
This is Pumpkin by Michele Seraphim of Seraphim's Attic, he's made from vintage mohair with additional felted features on his face and paws, you can see more of Michele's wonderful work by clicking here

This is Laurie Brady's bunny, but he wasn't always going to be a rabbit; "I named him "Bunny", as he simply insisted on being a rabbit and not the bear that I had planned him to be.  He is 5-way jointed and stuffed with excelsior, cotton and glass beads. Bunny is wearing a hand-dyed felt jacket. 
There are more pics of him on my blog "

Norbeary says...

Norbeary Says

" I really like the look all this old mohair, it almost makes me wish I'd been made from it, we'd all love to see photos of your bears made from it. Don't forget to look at our genuine old shoe button eyes too."


We try to cut all our mohair into 'fat' pieces not strips, these are the approximate sizes.
1 metre piece = 100cm x140 cm
1/2 metre piece = 50cm x140 cm
1/4 metre piece = 50cm x70 cm
1/8 metre piece = 50cm x35 cm

* special delivery postage and packing costs with insurance where necessary within UK, we will advse the cost of sending mohair to other countries on an individual basis for each order
up to 1/2m £8.45 - 1m £11.00 - 2m £11.00 - 5m and above £23.00
We can use My Hermes within the UK which is less expensive but slower

All prices are displayed in British Pounds if you would like to find out the approximate equivalent price in your own currency please use the link on the left.

You can contact us in a variety of ways to place an order, phoning is usually best, or you can email or write to us, of course if you see us at a fair or at home you can talk to us in person.
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We can accept payments by Debit card and Credit Card over the phone or in person, or by PayPal





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