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Fluffy Collection

Please click on the photos for more details


(Polar Bear)
17mm £101pm

Vanilla Ripple

17mm £96pm

Choccy Ripple

17mm £96pm

Condensed Milk

23mm £80pm


hot coffee mohair
Hot Coffee

23mm £88pm



Fondant, luxurious white mohair

24mm £140

Choccy Fudge

24mm £168pm

Choccy Nougat

24mm £168pm

Choccy Truffle

24mm £168pm

Coffee Cream

24mm £168 pm


24mm £156pm

Pickled Walnut

24mm £140pm


24mm £144pm


24mm £156pm

Caramel Pudding

27mm £140

Sponge Pudding

27mm £140pm

Syrup Pudding

27mm £140pm

Creamy Whip

41mm £140pm

Fudgey Whip

41mm £140pm

Nutty Whip

41mm £140pm

Roasted Almonds

41mm £152pm

Roasted Brazil

41mm £152pm

Roasted Walnuts

41mm £152pm

Spun Candy

41mm £140

Spun Caramel

41mm £140

Spun Honey

41mm £140

Spun Sugar

41mm £140


85mm £188pm


85mm £188pm


85mm £188pm


85mm £188pm


Please click on the photos for more details

Norbeary Says

" This collection includes all the pieces of long fluffy mohair, in addition to this it includes some shorter mohairs that could be used to make fluffy little bears."

We try to cut all our mohair into 'fat' pieces not strips, these are the approximate sizes.
1 metre piece = 100cm x140 cm
1/2 metre piece = 50cm x140 cm
1/4 metre piece = 50cm x70 cm
1/8 metre piece = 50cm x35 cm

* special delivery postage and packing costs with insurance where necessary within UK, we will advse the cost of sending mohair to other countries on an individual basis for each order
up to 1/2m £8.45 - 1m £11.00 - 2m £11.00 - 5m and above £23.00
We can use My Hermes within the UK which is less expensive but slower

All prices are displayed in British Pounds if you would like to find out the approximate equivalent price in your own currency please use the link on the left.

You can contact us in a variety of ways to place an order, phoning is usually best, or you can email or write to us, of course if you see us at a fair or at home you can talk to us in person.
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We can accept payments by Debit card and Credit Card over the phone or in person, or by PayPal for Overseas Customers





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UK (01303 870087 or 07884 268029)


Overseas +44 1303 870087
or +44 7884 268029

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